We apply our experience in creating, developing, and selling innovative products specially designed for personal and health care, both at home and in health emergency situations.

Provides a practical solution to bathing. No water, no rinsing, and no towel drying required. One wipe provides one complete bath, cleansing and moisturizing skin.

Particularly suitable for no water or water scarcity situations such as camping, outdoor activities, long travels, conflict zones, or natural disaster areas.

Baño Corporal: paño con solución jabonosa, aloe vera y extracto de avena.
Baño Corporal: paño con solución jabonosa y clorhexidina.

Head lice and nit treatment. A no-rinse innovative formula that can be applied at any time of the day.

Made with certified active botanical ingredients that create a barrier that wards off lice with a pleasing fragrance. Its dual action helps avoid re-infestation, revitalizing hair and letting the comb slide through. Paraben free.

Tested certified botanical formula. Dermatologically and clinically tested. Non toxic. No permethrin.

Anti-lice KIT: Spray 70 ML + Fine-toothed comb
  • Repels lice and prevents re-infestation.
  • Facilitates combing and nit removal.
  • Moisturizes and strengthens hair, preventing hair shaft breakage.
  • Can be applied at any time of the day.
  • On dry or wet hair.
  • Paraben free!
* The use of a fine-toothed comb is crucial to any head lice treatment.
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We are an Argentine company made up of health professionals determined to bring technological innovation to health care, providing solutions designed for the prevention of disease, and self-care.

Our primary commitment is to provide smart solutions as an early response to illnesses, manufacturing effective products with a short term impact on health, scientifically supported by prevention protocols, and quasi-experimental studies.

All our products are certified by Argentina's National Administration on Drugs, Foods, and Medical Devices (ANMAT) to ensure the optimal quality of our products.

Today, our company has gained a solid reputation in the Argentine market, and has a strong presence in leading hospitals, private health care institutions, and pharmacy chains throughout Argentina.

We have firmly established our share in the Latin American and Middle Eastern markets by strictly complying with international product quality standards.

Back in 2008, we faced our first challenge: to offer a personal hygiene product especially designed for use in disaster or water-scarce areas, and by people with reduced mobility (hospitalized patients or domiciliary health care).

So we launched our first product: disposable body bath wipes impregnated with antiseptic solutions that do not require water especially designed for vulnerable populations in critical health conditions, exacerbated by an increasing scarcity of essential natural resources resulting in an atomized health care system that is currently in crisis.

Our success helped us increase our share in the health care market and expand our personal care products line, by adding disposable body bath wipes with cleansing solution, aloe vera and barley extract.

We then launched a head lice repellent lotion, that helps remove nits, made with certified botanical ingredients.

To strengthen our presence in the world market and showcase our products every year we take part at the most important health and medicine exhibitions where the latest advances in health technology are presented.

Since 2012, we participate in the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Fair (DIHAD) and the Arab Health Fair held in the city of Dubai, at the invitation of Argentina's Ministry of Foreign Relations and Worship, Fundación Exportar, and Argentina's Embassy in the United Arab Emirates.

The main goal of these fairs is to address the global needs of the people and countries affected by crisis and natural disasters, promoting dialogue amongst corporate and governmental world leaders.

We expanded our presence in various countries, and appointed distributors of our body bath products. Haieb Trading, a company with more than 25 years' experience in the Saudi Arabian market, Warba Medical Supplies, a company from Kuwait, and Mediluxe Medical Supplies, a company based in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) and with presence in the Middle Eastern Region, have had our products registered with their respective Ministry of Health authorities.

In Brazil, our disposable bath wipes were approved by Brazil's National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), under the Ministry of Health, thus ratifying our product's quality and permitting the sale of our products in Latin America's most important market.

Our stringent standards and commitment to our products are evidenced by our ongoing certifications, permitting us to offer first quality products approved by international organizations, while complying with applicable national and international laws.

We meet the strictest international certifications in the manufacturing of our products in order to gain international recognition.

To that end, we adopt the official procedures established by governmental authorities in each country, which means that we meet all statutory requirements.

In addition, in order to maintain our competitive market position, we comply with strict prevention protocols and quasi-experimental studies ,thus strengthening our quality systems to ensure safety and consistency in product quality.

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